Build your own feet database, analyze the real needs of your customers and optimize your production!


Impress your customers with a new shopping experience. Invite your clients to scan their feet in your stores.

With RS-Shopfit, the new Right Shoes high precision digitizer, you can obtain, in a few seconds, a precise 3D file of your customers’ feet and store it on your personal Database.
Your Brand can therefore satisfy the real needs of the consumer, who will be immediately satisfied and reassured.


Log in your private area on our website to consult your scanned 3D files. Download all the key sizes for custom shoes creation with the highest precision, or analyse all your customers feet data to obtain important statistical surveys, thanks to our powerful RS-FeetMeasures software.

Plentiful tools and graphs allow you to make an accurate evaluation of the morphological characteristics of your customers’ feet. Through a precise analysis of the data collected, filtered according to the most useful variables, e.g geographical area or ethnic group, you will be able to enhance your market strategy.


Improve your business system. Whether you produce shoes on industrial scale or you are an artisan shoemaker, having reliable data on the morphology of the consumer’s feet is far more crucial than you think.

You can optimise the size development of your products, based on the real characteristics of your reference market, with a consequent increase in the quality and comfort of your products.
On the other side, you can efficiently plan the stock for each model, each size, each geographical area, in order to reduce surplus.

If you join the size suggestion service, you can give to your customers the possibility to have an online assistant to guide them during their shop experience, in order to considerably reduce the share of returned products for wrong size.


Your customers will be the focus of your attention!

Use the size suggestion service in-store, or integrate it in your e-commerce or in your APP by adding a simple customizable widget. In just one click, Right Shoes system provides to your customers the perfect size for every uploaded shoe model, with no need of test in-store.

Build a trusted relationship by involving your customers to reach a continuous and loyal purchasing experience.