S.L.I.M. 4.0 – Shoe Last Integrated Manifacture – is the platform, based on SDF technology, for the elaboration and integrated management of all operations necessary for the production of shoe lasts.
The platform has been designed to make it possible to be configured according to the real needs of the shoe last factory that can choose the most suitable modules for its needs, while still having the possibility of expanding and integrating the system any time.

Within each Module, the special working cycles are virtually created in a 3D environment with a user-friendly interface and, once defined, can be saved in a database, to be retrieved later, or integrated directly into the .FRV file, to be sent to Newlast machines.
S.L.I.M. 4.0 is a work-in-progress platform, Newlast costantly works to obtain the complete automation of all not yet digitized shoe factory operations.


Besides the S.L.I.M. 4.0 platform, the traditional and now well-known CAD/CAM systems for the modification of the last and the advanced software for the analysis of data obtained from the scanning of the consumers’ feet.