On Monday 18th February 2019 Newlast welcomed the INCAL (Asociación del Calzado en Floridablanca) Delegation.

The Colombian Representatives are looking for the right technology to include in the new development and innovation centre in Floridablanca. The centre, that will be created thanks to the support of the local government, will cover the whole process of footwear production.

The main goal of this new technological centre is the creation of high quality products, by making the most of the latest technology. The aim is to become a benchmark for the whole Colombian shoe industry.

With this ambitious objective in mind, a big group of entrepreneurs and operators of the footwear sector took the opportunity to take a closer look to the Newlast world and better understand all the advantages that the best technology can bring to shoe last production and modelling.

The delegation highly appreciated the opportunity to know all the features of our machines and software, which will give them the chance to create this ambitious project with the highest technology available.