newlast vs schle - News


Dear Newlast customer,

During the years, Newlast has always invested in high technology solutions, presenting on the market the most advanced and automated systems for the last prototyping and production, with our own CN and software developments.

Unfortunately, we have faced a few attempts of copying our machines, infringing our Patent, however our Company has strongly battled focusing on two important points:

· PROTECT ourselves and our investments in high technology R&D, although the products that we supply are years ahead of the copied machines.
· PROTECT our customers’ investments in original Newlast technology, being the best and most advanced solution for their business.

Last year Newlast has undergone a legal battle against Fuzhou Schle CNC Machinery Co. LTD. that has attempted to copy our SDF machines.

We are therefore proud to inform you that on the 17th of November 2016, the Civil Judge of Intermediate People’s Court of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, has OFFICIALLY sentenced what follows against Fuzhou Schle CNC Machinery Co. Ltd.:

1. The Defendant (Schle) must stop immediately the infringement of Newlast Patent Number ZL99122131.1
2. The Defendant (Schle) must stop ALL sales activity and must destroy all infringing products
3. The Defendant (Schle) must compensate Newlast for the economic loss
4.The Defendant (Schle) must bear all fees and costs of Newlast prosecution

We are proud and happy to share with you this important judgment. We assure you that we are always vigilant on deceptive activities in order to protect our technology and our customers from fraud and misleading solutions.

Attached there is an abstract of the official court documentation proving our above declarations.

Thank you for the great support you provide us and for the awesome job that we do together every day.

Best regards

Newlast Group