Fufeng, based in Fuzhou city in Fujian area, is a leader and very active last maker working with many important shoe brands.
Thanks to the foresight and managerial skills, the owners have decided to update their current production line by investing in the fully robotized Digiscan.SLF last scanner which allows to transform shoe lasts and other shoe components into perfect 3D models including texture 3D data, and in the three-pairs SDF6HS high speed turning machine.
No compromise: the perfect harmony between the highest technology for scanning and the original complete last turning.
We strongly believe this is only the start of a great collaboration, that will take the last production to the next level.
Newlast is looking forward to set up both systems, together with the SDF clamping machine SDFC.
Thanks to the collaboration between Fufeng and Newlast, the footwear brands in Fujian area will very soon have a top quality product at hand.