Quick design and production of the whole prototype, high precision complete finishing also on the toe and on the heel.

With the SDF Prototyping kit, Shoelast producers and Shoemakers can get each kind of wooden or plastic model, with a complete finishing on the toe and heel, without any further manual operations.
The Kit is made up of:

  • Digiscan.SL: this last scanning structured light technology digitizer is provided in two versions: the Full (fully automatic) which digitise the shoelast through robot technology, and the Light one (semi-automatic) which scan using a rotating table, where it is possible to place the object to be acquired.
  • Easylast3D 3.0: CAD/CAM software for the shoelast modification;
  • An SDF machine especially designed for the prototyping and the turning of a single a pair of shoelast.